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Our Casino is one of the well renowned casinos available on par with the Las Vegas Casinos. Our customers will find the rooms contemporary with wonderful dining experience. To top it all, you can find our casino being busy for 24 hours. Yes ! You heard it right. Sorry read it right. Our casino operates 24 hours a day with constant goal to make your trip more memorable.

Our casino provides easy access to the upper levels with the escalators and elevators. Upstairs is fully populated with the popular cuisines around the world like American, Asian, Italian and Chinese. It is also housed with the variety of shops from jewelry to souvenirs. We also offer food and drinks at casino with a side of irreverence. Our food spread includes yummy burgers, steak, continental, fries, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian starter menus along with the lovely dessert spread. The lounge offers live entertainment with music and dance.

The sprawling casino is also equipped with the plenty of video poker machines along with the number of table games. Our roof above the gaming floor is beautifully ornamented with scenes of historical periods. The party corner is even livelier with a belly dancer flaunting her moves. This corner is also equipped with gambling games like roulette, black jack and poker games.

Our security arrangement is one of the excellent features to ensure your safety as well as safety for money. Customer service has also been one of the stars among the five stars awarded for excellence. Our casino is a perfect bundle with right amount of fun, food and drinks. We completely guarantee that your casino visit will be merrier than what you have imagined. Living the life king size will be your mantra, once you step in to our paradise.

No more words just the casino experience will speak volumes on our credibility. We always wish you a happy and a safe gambling!!!

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